For over 15 years her images have filled the pages of fine magazines internationally, appeared in successful advertising campaigns, been exhibited in fine galleries, auctioned and richly awarded. Her extraordinary imagination and brilliant insight into her subjects' characters has made her a premier photographer. She began snapping as a young woman while in college in Chicago, made stops in Paris and London, settled down in NYC and now has the privelage to travel the world and to exotic locations shooting all the while. Opportunities became more abundant as advertising, fashion and editorial clients saw her talent to bring out the side of her subjects that others could not. Distant and fussy subjects warmed to her, rigit ones relaxed, unique looking ones became swans and the images were always intimate, captivating and sometimes from another world entirely.

Her work spans from edgy, spontaneus images to perfectly lit portraits to warm, loving lifestyle images. It's her joie de vivre and love for cinema that keep her passionate and inspired. She graced the pages of international editions of Elle, Glamour, Marie Claire, Vanity Fair and others; and her advertising clients include ABN Amro, Airfrance, Anthropologie, AT&T, Fujifilm, HP, Sofitel, Sony, Timberland, and others.

For daily updates and to see what she is cuttently up to, follow her on instagram: dagmara_mituniewicz or like her page DagmaraPhotography on FB.